Glenn Rodricks & Paula Grujin - the VFG story

Our story goes back to 1999, when we understood that the key to all property transactions was finance. Glenn Rodricks and Paula Grujin teamed up to uncover all there was in Home Loans and other types of finance so that we could help people get their finance for their home, investment, cars or just money that they needed urgently.

Over the last 18 years we have met many hundreds of wonderful families, couples and individuals and we have made many friends and seen many individuals become couples, couples become families and families grow into larger groups of families.

Homes have been built, paid for and investments have been bought by clients who started out as First Home Buyers. We have enjoyed working with each one and we were delighted to see individuals grow in real wealth with multiple investment properties.

In 2008 we decided to introduce VFG Financial Planning as part of our service offer. We take risk coverage very seriously and advise every client to spend some time talking to a specialist about this very important matter.

Today we have a business completely driven by our client base. It is the referrals that we receive from clients and their family members that keep us profitable. We are grateful to every one of our many hundreds of clients for trusting us with the really big decisions involving the buying and selling or their homes and investments.

We look forward to many more years of growth and many more clients whom we can help to find the most suitable finance structure and lender for their loans.

“The fabric of our business success is woven by the people who have trusted us with the really big decisions”