Loans & Lockdown

At this time when everyone has put their lives into hibernation, it may actually be the best time to talk to your Mortgage Broker.

Reducing your interest rate may help you manage your budget better and prepare yourself for the coming year ahead when cash flow may become more challenging. The lenders have the lowest rates in recent history and consumers may find rates as low as 2% for a fixed term mortgage.

Consolidating personal debt into your home loan is not always a good idea, but it you have a plan to overcome the negatives associated with this strategy, then having just one payment per month is a good idea.

Its important to work with a Mortgage Broker who has the experience behind him or her. The attitude of care must be demonstrated by the individual as without this you may just become a churn for the Broker. You first interview is your most important one as it will give you the confidence to guide you with the next step.

Lockdown time can really be used to look at some of the things that we sometimes push aside.

Glenn Rodricks Principle

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